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I've started Scale Modelling when I was about 10 years old. Back then I used to build kits of the popular jet planes of my time like F-14 Tomcats, F-15 Eagles, or F-16 Falcons, and even though they were roughly finished, brush painted and without a single aftermarket (I had no idea what was that) I've had the best time of my life!.


Now I wish I have more time for the hobby, but I'm always trying to build as much as I can. I like to model almost everything, aircraft, armour, Sci-fi and ships, WWII or modern. 


Thank you for looking and don't forget to drop me a line!


Cheers from Sydney,  Australia.



Birthday: 13.1.1978

City of birth: Santiago, Chile


Home: Sydney, Australia

Actual Location: Sydney


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Me, and my beautiful wife Michelle
Me, and my beautiful wife Michelle