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So, the idea of this site is to show some of the work that I've done for a couple of years. I started building planes in 1/48 scale, then I moved to 1/72, and then I discovered the reisen zero, which, so far is my favourite one, built in every scale including the amazing 1/32 Tamiya, and the superb 1/72 Fine Molds.
One day on the web I found an amazing site of ship models, so I was hooked right away... And many months ago in a hobby store I found this incredible Osprey modelling book of a T-34/76, so my interest for military models began.

Birthday: 13.1.1978

City of birth: Santiago, Chile


Home: Sydney, Australia

Actual Location: Sydney


jorge rivas krause


Me, and my beautiful wife Michelle
Me, and my beautiful wife Michelle

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