well in this section I will show the process of building a model, so stay tuned...

January 13. 2009

JMSDF DDG170 Sawakaze Pit Roar 1/700 Part 1 , Part 2 FINISHED!!

This guided missile destroyer (Tachikaze class) was a member of the Escort Fleet operating out of Yokosuka and was decommissioned at the beginning of 2009.

April 1. 2009

 IJN ISE Hasegawa 1/700 Part 1, Part 2  FINISHED!!

The IJN ISE, like the rest of the japanese battleships has their particular lines that no other ships in the world has, the very tall bridge always attracted me. By far the IJN are my preferred naval models.

April 2. 2009

HMS HOOD Trumpeter 1/350 + Lion Roar Details Set  Part 1 , Part 2 

This is one of my favorite ships, because of her story, beautiful lines and proportion, in my opinion it is really synonymous of naval elegance.

During the building process I'm frequently checking the amazing site of HMS HOOD ASSOCIATION, which has all the information not just of the ship itself, but also of the Trumpeter and Lion Roar kits.