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13. Nov 2020


Avro Lancaster, Airfix 1/72nd scale. My biggest aircraft kit so far. Link here NEW!!!

© jorge rivas krause 2020
© jorge rivas krause 2020

30. Oct 2020


My first Hellcat!. Check it out hereGrumman F6F-3 Eduard 1/72. NEW!!!

© jorge rivas krause 2020
© jorge rivas krause 2020

14. Oct 2020


New link for this beautiful Eduard kit. Bf-109 F4/Trop in 1/48th scale. NEW!!!

© jorge rivas krause 2020
© jorge rivas krause 2020

26. Sep 2020


It took me a full month of daily work to build this beauty. New link for the Battleship Bismarck, Flyhawk 1/700NEW!!!

© jorge rivas krause 2020
© jorge rivas krause 2020

27. Aug 2020


New link for a De Havilland Mosquito B Mk.IV. Tamiya in 1.72 scale. NEW!!!

© jorge rivas krause 2020
© jorge rivas krause 2020

19. Aug 2020


After building the Spitfire it only seemed logical to build now the beautiful Bf109! Here is the link to a Messerschmitt Bf109 G-6. Tamiya in 1.72 scale. NEW!!!

© jorge rivas krause 2020
© jorge rivas krause 2020

14. Aug 2020


Another beauty in 1/72 scale. Here is the link to a Spitfire Mk. IXe by Eduard. NEW!!!

© jorge rivas krause 2020
© jorge rivas krause 2020

29. Jul 2020


I'm back!. After almost 7 years I've finally found the time to build a new model. Here is the link to a beautiful Messerschmitt Bf 110E in 1:72 scale by Eduard. NEW!!!

© jorge rivas krause 2020
© jorge rivas krause 2020

20. Feb 2020


New link for my drawings website added in the link section, or go directly here: www.jorgedrawings.com , follow me also in my instagram @jorgedrawings 

6. Jan 2020


I know it has been years since I've posted a model, apologies! But life has taken me to another path and my time is pretty limited. I have hundreds of unopened boxes waiting to be assembled and painted and I hope one day I'll be able to continue with this amazing hobby. In the meantime, I've added a new drawings section that can be found here to show some of my art.

2. Feb 2015


A new section for the website can be found here 

9. May 2013


I just received this beautiful Box Set full of great contents. I encourage everyone to visit the iModeller site and present your work, because you can be the next winner for the montlhy contest as I did! Thanks to iModeller team!

5. May 2013


New link to the great Social Scale Modelling site iModeler was added. Great forum like site with a modern interface and awesome people to meet. Excelent articles, reviews, work in progress and the chance to win the montlhy contest as I did last April with the Chen Yuen and Z30 Zerstörer 

9. April 2013


Just finished a new 1/700 scale warship!. Take a look at this beautiful and small 19th century turret ship Chen Yuen here 

15. March 2013


New links for An Chu and Gary Whikham amazing sites were added. A must check at the Link section here 

04. March 2013


I'm back to the ocean with this beautiful Deutsche Kriesgmarine Zerstörer Z30

16. Jan 2013


And here another fighter jet, the "doble-delta" J35 Draken

05. Jan 2013


New Fliying model. My first Jet Aircraft in years!!! F/A-18E Super Hornet 

16. Dec 2012


After more than 2 years I finally had the time to build and finish a new model!. The magnificient Yamato 1/350 Tamiya New Tooling! Check it out here 

16. April 2010


New link for the amazing Wingnut Wings company has been added. 

04. April 2010

Walking section models has been added, and the first model is the RX-79(G) Ez8 Gundam, so check it out.

07. February 2010

Check the process or the final images of the DDG170 Sawakaze

05. January 2010


Finally after 7 months of recess I'm back again!!. So check this little T-34/76

18. June 2009


My Australian work visa was approved!. So next post will be from Melbourne!. 

26. April 2009


New display base for A6M2 Type 21 Fine Molds 1/72  

11. April 2009


New link for J-models Work has been added. 


IJN Ise is finished!, take a look at  Models / Swimming section. 

5. April 2009


IJN Ise Progress Part 2, have been added

2. April 2009


HMS HOOD Progress added!

1. April 2009


New progress on IJN ISE model, take a look at the In progress section

26. March 2009


Solomaquetas site is Back!

24. March 2009


New Links to Jeff Lin and Mr. Kimoto's sites have been added

22. March 2009


New swimming and crawling models!

21. March 2009


This web page has born!

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