FRIEDRICH, Ma.K. Wave Corporation 1/20

My first Maschinen Krieger! Got to give credit to Lincoln Wright  for indirectly “planting” the idea in my head while I was listening to a great interview of him in the “On the Bench” podcast a while ago. I didn’t know much about Ma.K. but I was immediately captivated by the looks and aesthetic of the whole thing. To me is the perfect blend of SciFi and military history…a perfect “what if” sort of thing and especially the German WWII references were a total hook.


The coolest thing was how smoothly everything flowed with this build. My approach was of total freedom and to use it for testing techniques I don't usually get to try while doing my aircrafts and battleships.


I had the greatest time assembling it and especially during the painting and weathering process. I absolutely loved this model!…so much that I will be surely doing more armour models (and other SciFi) for now on, cause they really give you the chance to explore and try lots of weathering techniques.  So cheers Lincoln! thanks, mate.






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