J.A.S.D.F F-15J 303rd TFS 60th Anniversary.  1/72

Out of the box project, (except for the decals). The GWH kit is very nice, with good surface detail and an overall good fit. The only part of the assembly that required extra care was the engine's intake fuselage area, with some quirky steps, but in the end, it works OK. 


The big letdown, however, was the awful instructions. I'm not sure if I had an early copy but they were terrible, with unclear drawings not showing enough details, wrong callout etc. There were even 3 correction pages but with mistakes! I ended up downloading from Scalemates the instruction of their 1/48th scale which were much more precise.


The challenge here was the decals. This is my first digital camo and it was all done through decals. At one point I thought to better paint everything but in the end, the DXM/Cartograf decals were of such good quality that it turned out pretty OK. It was however a long tedious process...First I painted the base two-tone camo, then I added the digital pattern and I finished by adding all the stencils...Based on the very few images I found online and on how new the camo is, I decided to do a very mild weathering, mostly with some airbrush overspray and a little OPR.

J.A.S.D.F F-15J 303rd TFS 60th Anniversary September 2014, Komatsu Air Base



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