Honda RA272, Tamiya 1/20th

During all my 30+ years of scale modelling, I never thought of building a car. But like anything else one day I got inspired by the amazing work of a fellow modeller. I loved what I saw and immediately thought that maybe I could try and give it a go. Probably the most intimidating thing about modelling cars is the super gloss and slick finishes, which is completely different to what I usually model, and with almost no weathering at all! (except a bit in their engines). Also, I was always put off by the endless amount of aftermarket details that make car modelling quite expensive and difficult to research. 


So I decided to start with something relatively "simple". To me, the sixties racing has the most beautiful cars of all eras so I pick up this Tamiya kit of the winner of the Mexican Grand Prix of 1965. The kit is quite old and it shows its age but is a strong base to add extra detail. I've added all hoses and connectors in the engines as well as some extra scratch detail at the nose area, wheels and windscreen.


The build went so smooth and was such enjoyable that I will more likely do other models, hence I decided to start the car section on this site. So I hope you guys like it!.



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