Panzer IV Ausf. J Tamiya 1/48th

My first tank in 10 years! I’ve spend the last month in full armour mode, reading, learning, searching and exploring everything I can…it’s turning almost into an obsession…But I’ve enjoyed every minute!


I’ve been using most of my time trying to learn the amazing techniques and weathering process presented by Michael Rinaldi in his amazing series of books called TANKART. His models are simply the best I’ve seen and the dedication he put into the books is outstanding. He not only made all the models (with some exceptions) but he is also the graphic designer and publisher of the books. The photographs are amazing and the text is so well written that is a pleasure to read. In my opinion they are a work of art in itself and they worth every penny and much more!


Been this my first tank model since I got the books I’m quite satisfied with the result although it is far from perfect. One issue in particular is to do every effect in scale and to add them in layers taking in consideration the time factor. 


"1944 France"





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